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06-30-2010, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post

Originally Posted by Frogurt View Post
I kinda agree.

I'd rather sink or swim with Price than spend $4M+ on a tandem.

Granted, if the team did go my route and got a backup for around $1M, that's only a $1M saving but we have to make up the money somewhere from all the little overpayments and the Laraque buyout.
That's my reasoning. If you trade Halak and go with Price, you're hopefully assuming that he can pick up the mantle this season. And if he can, then play the crap out of him, 65+games.

And yeah all those little millions you save, they add up in the end to a pretty good upgrade somewhere.

Originally Posted by habfan1968 View Post
Really, yes, and as far as the cap goes there is a big enough savings in this to still justify the trade Halak for cap space issue, we are still up ~$2.0mill
That's if Halak signs for 4M and we sign a back up for 2M. At this point in time, the upgrade from Ellis to Halak is well worth 2M IMHO.

I just don't think we should rely on our back up to be playing 35-40 games. We decided to go with Price, were we assuming he can handle it or not ?

Originally Posted by LouisJCloutier View Post
You don't understand, Halak didn't wanted to be a backup again, and management still believe in Price. Bottom line.

That was the main reason for letting him go. He ask for a trade in november.
Don't tell me "I don't understand". Maybe it's you that doesn't.

Originally Posted by Cam A Larry View Post
2M for Ellis is exactly what I was expecting. This would be a fair deal, really.

As far as Biron is concerned, I wouldn't be willing to offer him more than 1M/year.
I'd take Biron at 1M/year above Ellis at 2M/year any day of the week, and 5 times on any other day.

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