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Originally Posted by Chruceg View Post
Am I the only one who reads this differently then how it's presented in the article?

I realize that Lombardi's comments immediately prior to this quote all say the Kings have a reached a point in development where free agency is a legitimate option but follow my train of thought.

1) Lombardi has consistently indicated that he favors a conservative game plan and does not like to overspend for free agents.
2) There have been a few rumors (hints?, speculations?) that Leiweke is in favor of getting Kovalchuk and that signing him would have his finger prints all over it.
3) The quote indicates that Lombardi had to convince Leiweke and Anschutz that the best way to build the team is his way.

Wouldn't that seem to indicate that despite Kovalchuk being the biggest name he will only be brought to LA if the price is right? That despite ownership's pleas to do something dramatic Lombardi has won the argument, tied a fixed value to Kovalchuk, and will not budge from it?

Of course it could just be Lombardi speaking like a lawyer and not saying anything.
If you isolate Lombardi's comments and take them out of context, yeah, you could interpret them that way.

Having been present during the interview, I feel quite certain that I've interpreted his comments correctly. He was NOT talking about convincing ownership that the status quo was the way to go. Rather, he was telling them that the team is now that the point in the rebuilding/building process where they can start looking at bringing in a high-profile player.

Everyone else I spoke to who was there when Lombardi made those comments saw it the exact same way.

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