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06-30-2010, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by StanGetz View Post
Even if it was for Stan, so what?

Maybe it wasn't Stan's idea. Maybe it was a courtesy to Priessing so he could go elsewhere, or head to Europe. We really don't know the situation.
What do you mean so what? Are you a relative of his or something? Teams don't offer that kind of courtesy to a player they've had for one year, at a nearly $1 M cap hit. If he wanted to play in Europe he could have done so without being bought out.

Originally Posted by NHL33 View Post
Makes room in the AHL for a prospect who deserves to play. Sorry but this definitely makes sense and serves a purpose beyond Kroenke's wallet. You can knock on Kroenke for the lack of development camp though.
Originally Posted by Adama0905 View Post
So what? We can definitely afford the small cap hit for the next two years, and why would we want a player that is basically just a weight of crap in the system?

And people seem to think that just because he's a billionaire or whatever he is, that a million dollars is nothing to him. That he basically wipes his ass with it. Well, in the real world, a million dollars is still a lot. It's understandable that when the GM or the President or whatever tells him that Preissing is worthless, he won't want him on the team just sucking up his money, because no matter what he has to pay it.
Originally Posted by PeterTheGreat View Post
I doubt the Avs would spend right up to the cap in the next 2 years anyways. It's after that where Dutchy and Radar need extensions, and by that time Preissing's cap hit will be gone.

Plus, don't the Avs have the option paying the full 2/3 in one year, instead of splitting it over 2 years? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought I heard that somewhere.
I'm sorry but you guys are having a lot of trouble looking past this summer. No one has any idea, including Sherman, where the Avs are going to be cap wise in 2011-12. They don't know what kind of seasons their players will have this year, or how much they'll have to pay to keep their RFA's and UFA's. They don't know if they'll find an opportunity, or see fit to add a big salaried player this year, or in the off season. It's simply not prudent for the Avs to add nearly a $1 M, when they don't have to. They simply don't know if they'll need it.

The young defenseman in Erie aren't a problem either. They have Shattenkirk, Cohen, Gaunce, Holos, and possibly Chouinard in the top five. Montgomery and Preissing would be the #6 and #7. At worst one of the other D, or even Preissing could have been sent to the ECHL. It happens all the time when there isn't room.

It simply benefits no one except Kroenke, and I don't want to hear about a million is a million either. They should have, and probably did consider this when they took Preissing in the Smyth deal, when he was playing in Manchester with the Kings. Which again was Kroenke's call.

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