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10-01-2003, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by btn
Right now, I do feel that giving us all a lecture on the stupidity of reckless driving is insensitive. I had singled out Edge for a reason. And I feel almost every other non-Thrashers fans posts have been perfectly fine. When someone is near death, do not expect a bouquet of roses when you say you have no sympathy for them on their board.

I am not asking to force anyone anywhere. However now is not lecture time here. WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Save the lectures for the people who are defending Heatley's absurd driving methods on the NHL talk board.

I think it would be a sad day for HFBoards if we have to come up with a policy for behaving with a bit of decency when a team has a player in very grave medical condition. All I am asking for is just a little common sense.
not once have i judged the man who was hurt by this incident not once. And how i am preaching morals to you? if i said killing was wrong am i preached morals to you?

you stated your view on descency so isnt that a moral preaching?

and yes i am well aware of the topic on nhl talk board but what difference does that make? all it means is that i cant find replies faster.

everything we do and every opinion we have is a moral judgement. you're view on it being inapprorite is a moral judgement.

you know i'll drop the issue on this board only because there has no bit one line of reason used for a single question i've asked and no where in the rules does it state what i am doing is wrong. its a dangerous line we walk when we start changing the rules as we go along because we dont like someone's opinion. the fact comes down to you dont agree with what i'm saying so you're trying to get it swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

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