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07-01-2010, 01:16 AM
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my friend fell asleep a few weeks ago on the Q train on our way back from stuffing our faces at nathans in coney island....i have a droid phone with an airhorn ap....i put the phone by his ear and hit the air horn, it scared him so much he jumped up and punched me in the face in front of about 30 people standing around us. HILARIOUS

i was in times square getting nuts4nuts with my friends at like 1am and a really drunk dude with dread locks was literally peeing on my parents SUV which we took to the city for the night....needless to say the car is a piece of crap and me and my friends were dying laughing...more upset at the fact that we couldnt miss this dudes junk hanging out

i saw a homeless person fall down the stairs into penn station when we were leaving a game one night

my friends and i were going to the car show and my friend got hit by a limo LOLOLOLOL

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