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07-01-2010, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
I'm all for winning, and i would want nothing more than to see the avs on top again. I'm just not all that optimistic like most of you on here thinking that a team without any top notch forwards, and top notch dmen can win.

Maybe this whole rebuilding process is going bit too slow for me, and i just want the 2001 to repeat soon, but come on we all know that a winning team is built with impact players.

Eventually we are going to see some big name signings for the avs, if not this year, then perhaps next year or year after that, but it bound to happen
Yep, you're right. We are going to. Eventually

Just like eventually we got Roy, and Bourque and Blake. But we didn't get those names until we were sure we had a championship caliber team. The management back in the glory days did the exact same thing we're doing right now: they waited until they knew what sort of players they had in their own system, and didn't pull the trigger on anything until they knew what they had in their own house.

When a lot of your players haven't even been through two full seasons in a role, it's just stupid to clean house and bring in UFA's. There is nothing more retarded. Especially when those players show that they can do something great in a team role, it's just stupid.

You'll get your marquee FAs, just not yet, and definitely none in an offensive role yet. The most I would expect at all is a FA defenseman or two, and that's a fantastic thing.

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