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07-01-2010, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Badko View Post
I realize hockey isn't the most popular sport in NY, but you'd think they could at least give it 15 seconds or so. I turned on the news this morning and the sports reporter says today is the the big free agent day...and stupid me is thinking, "Wow...gonna hear some hockey news!". Then they proceed to do 10 minutes on LeBron James, about whom I frankly don't give a damn. It's so frustrating being a big time hockey fan in NY.
Couldn't agree more--all the talk in N.Y is about LeBron LeBron LeBron which we know he is not coming here so maybe Dolan pony's up some of coin he was willing to spend on LeBron and wants to make a splash in FA in hockey and signs Kovy.

8 million for Kovy
6.5 to dump Redden in Hartford(maybe swing a deal with the Russian owner of the Nets to have Redden play in KHL).
Total of 14.5 million which is still cheaper then if they signed LeBron.

Works for most Ranger fans.

Anyway happy July 1st(Fa day--Ranger give away day).

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