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07-01-2010, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by VictoryRose View Post
Come on, what are we gonna get? An extra 25 russians a night, if lucky? Hockey isn't even close to being the biggest sport in Russia, and "basket" is close to taking over, if it hasn't already, and sitting second fiddle to football. I appreciate what you're saying, but the idea that a burgeoning russian community is going to spark a marketing bonanza and ticket sales are going to jump significantly just isnt reality.

The most signing IK would do is get people that might already consider renewing their season tickets or mini plans to maybe commit full steam.

you're not getting it. it isnt comparable because the opportunity to capitalize on a IK or Ovie signing isnt even CLOSE to the one provided to the Kings w/ gretzky. it isnt the same planet, galaxy, or universe. It never will be. Lightning struck that day, it isn't happening again on any comparable level. I wont even buy the "this is the first time since then we've had blah blah blah" argument. This is strictly a team upgrade, if the results are that the team makes it to the second round or beyond, or leads the pacific all season, you might see a bump. A press conference isn't going to cut it. Even if IK cries
I agree with most of what you're saying. But I do think signing Kovalchuk will generate more buzz for the team. Similar to what the Pronger signing did for Anaheim.

On local sports radio shows, after they get done talking about Dodgers/Lebraun ect. for 3 hours, they'll actually use 30 seconds of airtime to mention that the Kings signed some guy named Kovalchuk, and he's supposed to be really good.

It will be somewhere close to the front page of the LA Times sports section...

When was the last time anyone even mentioned the Kings during July?

When the casual LA sports fan hears "Kings," he think: "Hey, aren't they supposed to be good this year?"

It will generate some buzz, but it won't be huge.

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