Thread: Proposal: 2 UFAs to make us a contender
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07-01-2010, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by CreamSoda View Post
Hey thanks for helping my cause.

What did chicago do after that season? Did they continue to just use homegrown draft talent?

Oh wait, they went out and signed Free Agents!!! Chicago does not win the cup without the help they got in the UFA market. Hossa, Campbell....

Its pretty obvious that a team needs to sign UFA players in order to win yet people here are perfectly content watching this team drop out early each playoff year with this current core team...
I agree with this, but with a caveat. If you look at Chicago's roster, the majority of the players who mattered were developed internally, or traded for in return for players who were developed internally. Did a couple of UFA signings get them over the top? Sure. Though a couple more have now led them to partially dismantling that great team.

With the Avs, I agree with you that the Avs need to add some top-shelf talent to what we saw last season, in order to legitimately contend. But, when I say "add", that can be either "sign a UFA", or "trade for", or "develop".

However, is now really the time to do it (the UFA path, I mean)? I don't believe signing any big name FA right now makes much sense, because the Avs are otherwise so very young, it would almost be like wasting the first two years of whatever massive UFA contract they took on, because they're not going to contend anyway. The team is too young. If the Avs put Alex Ovechkin on the current roster, they're still not going to contend for the Cup this season.

The other issue is that the Avs (nor you, nor I) don't really know what we've got on our hands here. You said that there's no way (sic) that Duchene is an elite player. How do you know that? He scored at a 75 point pace over the last 3/4ths of the season. Looking at your list of elite players, how did they do in their rookie season? Sedin had only 29 points. And the Avs don't know what kind of true talent they have with guys like Duchene, Stewart, Mueller, Shattenkirk, etc. They need a couple more years to figure that out, so they know precisely *where* to go get this expensive UFA elite talent. Else, you end up signing Huet to big money, when you've got Niemi sitting right there in the system. Had they just waited a bit, they would have seen that they already had someone as good. That sort of thing.

I'm perfectly fine with the Avs going what they're doing, and will be perfectly fine with it for one more offseason after this one. After that last place finish, I said to myself "4 year rebuild". I'm sticking to it.


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