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03-29-2005, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Mat
what are we gonna do here?
cechmanek is cechmanek, nuff said
garon may need more time, or just straight up will never be a big time goalie
what should the kings do to fill the gap should they seriously want to make a playoff push for next season?
Garon will be...what...28 next season? He'll already have several successful professional years under his belt. I'm sure he'll be a King whenever the NHL starts up again. If Huet had better stats than Cechmanek, and Garon is better than Huet ( which he is ), I think it won't take too long for Garon to be starting.

I'm wondering what's going to happen to Adam Hauser. So far he's had almost two full amazing seasons at the AHL level and his stats are nearly identical to Garon's. I don't know what Hauser's potential is...maybe he's an early bloomer...but I would think that he'll be getting a little attention since his play is on par with what many consider to be a legit prospect in Garon. It'd be a shame to let Hauser move on. I know there are other guys like Brust and Fukufuji waiting in the wings, but they're certainly less proven than Hauser.

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