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07-01-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CreamSoda View Post
Thank you AB, that was a very well thought out post and I appreciate it. I do agree with you in a lot of regards. Adding one FA right now will not put them over the top. I guess what bothers me is the attitude the organization is presenting. The stubborness to only build from within and not even explore other options is frustrating.
But do you know that this is really what they're doing? If they are wholly close-minded, then yes - I agree that's stupid. But, I don't think they are. My evidence? If you look at what they did last offseason, I think it says something:

After the last place finish and subsequent draft, the Avs had to look at their cubbard, and see some very good potential at forward (they had a point-per-game 23 year old center, a #3 pick, a 3rd line center they loved, a couple of 21 or 24 year old 225 lb guys who showed promise, etc). They also had to see some solid potential on defense (a couple of blueliners who had been the backbone of a NCAA national champion, another OHL player who had played really well, etc). So, they didn't go out and spend big money in those places.

However, when they looked into their organization (and at their roster) at the goaltender position, they probably saw nothing terribly promising. So, what did they do? They signed a UFA goaltender. It was a need that couldn't be addressed internally, so they addressed it externally. They didn't blindly beat the "grow from within!" drum. They looked at reality, and executed (and executed well, btw).

Now, if we look at this same rebuilding team one year later, where is the dearth of young prospects/players in the organization? To me, the only position is a top defensive defenseman. Other than that, there are promising young players all over the place. Let's see what they can do over the next two years before committing big salaries to other players. Will the Avs have some of these promising players flop? Surely. Will some of these promising players become good NHL players? Yep. Will any of them become elite? Well, I don't know, but very few do.

Point is, in two more years, the Avs will be in a much better position to figure out who is good, who is a flop, and who can be elite. They can then sign the appropriate players (many who will be then approaching their primes) to appropriate contracts, and then see where the major holes are in the organization. At that time, a pricey UFA is more appropriate. IMO.

I'm game for seeing how they develop. And if the cost of that is 1st round playoff defeats - or even missing the playoffs - for another couple of years, I'm OK with it.


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