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03-29-2005, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Albi
Good post.
And my guess is that the Canucks will be hardpressed to make the playoff too.
sure any team could, because of the possible outcomes of the new CBA.

The Avs are losing Forsberg.. Selanne and Kariya are UFAs already. There isn't much left in their cupboards for top 6 replacements either. Wolski is their top prospect and he was recently drafted and not likely ready. Their top offensive prospect - Svatos - is having a hell of a season this year too.... with a salary cap, and Blake and Sakic's deals (followed by Foote, Hejduk and Tanguay's new deal) there likely won't be much room left to add top free agent replacements.

The Wings will lose some vets, but have some problems with their payroll if the CBA isn't kind to the big markets. Especially with Whitney's and Hatcher's contracts - which either no one wants, or has a no-trade clause.

The Stars defense continues to take a beating over the years. And if they have to cut payroll in the lineup we saw last season, there are definite holes on that team.

The canucks could lose Naslund... they could see a completely different Bertuzzi return as well. Malik and Salo could hit UFA status as well.

Out of all those teams though, the canucks are still in the best position. They have the most contracts locked up, at a payroll of under $40mill ($38mill without Naslund, but everyone else).... but with a new CBA who knows what to expect. Considering the situation of a lot of other teams though, I doubt the canucks have much to worry about... our biggest worry is losing Naslund and not finding a replacement, as well as Bertuzzi's "return" ... it could be bad enough to knock us out of the playoffs, but there are teams that have it worse than we do.

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