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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
One big key that most new players fail to do is look up at the target when you follow through. Not doing that will hinder even the best players.
this. pick a spot and the eyes should be staring at it watching the hands bring the stick up (during the follow through) into the peripheral vision and end looking down the shaft at the said target

hockey shooting is like real shooting in this sense, you **** the gun by winding up, pick your target, combust using the flexion of your stick to create thrust and then fire a small bullet at high velocity.

now think about if you've ever shot a can't be accurate by not looking down the barrel...well most us average joes anyway, but if you are looking down the barrel at the end aiming at your target you have a much better chance. so when you follow through on your slappers imagine that you should end up looking down the barrel (shaft of stick) of your gun that just fired and you want dead aim. it sounds more complicated than it is, this is just to visualize.

in reality once you get the "feeling" and the comfort of your swing down it's mostly just picking your head up

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