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07-01-2010, 11:56 PM
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Very well thought out, smart, collected post! I can't disagree with a single thing you said here.

We've been patient for this long guys, and now that there's finally some shreds of hope on the Island, some clear positive direction the rebuild is taking, people want to go ******* crazy and and denounce everything GMG has done because we weren't able to sign all the shiny new UFAs we wanted?

Like the OP said, UFAs don't wanna come here for a multitude of reasons. Put yourself in their shoes for a hot second...can you really blame them for not wanting to come here? I know I don't. The way I see it, this gives the fruits of our crappy years more chances to better themselves, prove themselves, and get hungrier for that ice time, and our good young players are going to benefit from that. Call me crazy, but I have a really good feeling about the young dudes in our system, and in due time, I really think the likes of JT, Bailey, KO and the gang will be a force to be reckoned with, and something we can all be proud to represent as fans. Could you imagine if Garth shot his wad too soon on all these UFAs, and by doing so, put us at risk of not being able to retain OUR guys in the future? THAT, my friends, would be something to really complain about.

Our cabinet is stocked pretty well, and there's no Mad Mike around to flush it all down the toilet. I know this is early and maybe shooting for the stars (what can I say, I'm an optimist), but don't be too surprised if teams like NYI and Florida start to look like the next Pittsburgh and Chicago.

I can't remember the last time I felt this good about the future of the players we've been bringing up. I really think that if we stick with GMGs plan, we'll be A-OK. Toss in a new arena and some noise in the playoffs, and that's more of a sweetener for potential UFAs than Jeremy Colliton was .

I think this is by far my longest post ever. Yay!

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