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07-02-2010, 08:38 AM
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When I post the train of thought is on what the Preds CAN do, not one what they MUST do. The only thing the Predators MUST do is stay the hell in Nashville. Note, alot of the big money teams spent some seriously stupid money for a lot of meh. Capgeek nailed it in their tweet where this year GM's spent just as much money for 1/4th the contract length for FAs as they did last year.

Let me say that again. GMs spent just as much money this year as last but got 1/4th the years for talent that was meh.

Seriously, I'm not even close to worried about signing a big FA. Why? the scale of spending for top talent is why out of whack for the spending for the next tier down. It's also a risk the Preds can't afford. Once you make the commitment to said player you most likely have to commit to a NMC. You have to commit seriously stupid money into a guy who might just say, "Yeah, I wanna be traded to NY." And when you make the trade you aren't even gonna come close to getting what his value is.

Right now, the gambles the Preds are taking are gamble they can afford. Do you know when I will panic? When the Preds start spending stupid money to make the roster better. Stupid money tells me they are out the door. The signings and trades show a preservation of capital, which means the team is staying. That means a hell of a lot more to me than winning.

Deal with it, this team is the Florida Marlins of the NHL. If you don't have the stomach to deal with a lack of spending the Rangers are always looking for fans but they usually suck worse than the Preds. Poile and co. do it right, that's why teams are consistently poaching managerial talent from them.

The nature of this group is very cyclical and the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.

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