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07-02-2010, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
But players have also ran out the UFA door faster than any other team. Remember the Blake year....they left like bullets out of an AK47.

So pardon me if I'm cynical, but the regular antics of this organization are well known, the Smith firing/committee/I'm an independant back-up/it's the building (or GOP) antics are even in the thread opener's post.

If we acted more professional and hired the best GM/coach, think it'd matter?

If the standard set were set HIGH, would it matter?

Pardon me if I expect better year round, not just any given draft round.

Did Trent Hunter run out the door? He did not have to sign a 5 year deal extension.

Mike Comrie—he signed an extension for a year.

Brendan Witt also signed an extension.

Radak Martinek and Richard Park both signed extensions.

Doug Weight signed an extension.

None of these guys are Kovulchuk/Crosby/Ovechkin. But we never had a player of that caliber to begin with. A player of that caliber comes from the draft.

Jason Blake—I am happy we did not resign him. He became the poster child for how to kill your franchise. Just ask any fan in Toronto. He is a good guy, and a solid 2nd tier player. I was sad to see the player go, but not at his age, and not at his salary demand. Garth Snow absolutely did the right thing. Poti and Kozlov—well—those two would have been nice to keep. Perhaps we did not go long enough on the number of years. Maybe when they saw that Yashin and Smyth were going, then they figured they should go as well. Bottom line—neither are Tier 1 players.

The so-called antics you are referencing are something that over the past 2 seasons have been gone. You think the Yankees don't have "antics?" Ever here of the Bronx Zoo? How about the Leafs? They have a GM Im sure you would argue is the best possible. How did they finish this year? Oh my, I can't quite recall. Because Boston held all of their draft picks.

Garth Snow has done a solid job. I called it "remarkable" because for this organization, it is. He has been able to construct a viable future. His job is not about the arena. But through excellent trades in 2008—trades most of thought were stupid and insane—have shown some real promise. Trades we thought were bad in 2009—when he moved up and gave up a lot of picks for Calvin De Haan—and we all said "who?", De Haan is a blue chip NHL prospect.

The only thing unprofessional about the organization is PR. I will grant you that. But I would rather have Garth Snow as my GM then Glen Sather. I would rather have my GM over Sutter who I think has lost his mind at this point. I would rather have Snowy over Burke as well—who mortgage his future for Phil Kessel.

The suggestion that the team make trades is interesting. But please tell us who you are trading and what the return is going to be. Out young players and prospects are the only valuable commodity. Shall we trade John Tavares, Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey for a so-called established player in his 30s?

That is the Mike Milbury method of management.

Shall we sign Kovulchuk to a 10 year deal for $12 mill per season? Okay—and how about we give Hamhuis $7 mill per season for 5 years. And then we can sign Paul Martin for $8 mil for 5 seasons. That would be $25 mil on three players for the next 5 seasons at least. Tell me—assuming you dont want to trade Tavares, how will you keep him and his contract under the cap? How about Okposo next year? Bailey? How will you sign Neiderreiter. What about July 1 2011 and 2012? How will we have cap space to add to our team?

The standard is set very high. The method to attain the standard is where we have a major difference in opinion. But I would like to know the name of a team that has won the Stanley Cup on July 1—or through free agent acquistions, and how many teams have won by building a core of talented players. Of the teams that have won through free agency—how many of them remained viable over a 10-12 year period?

Here is my list....

Teams that won the cup with free agency: 0
Teams that won the cup on drafting: ALL OF THEM!

Lets take a moment to look at this years winner:
Besides Cambell and Hossa—all of the impact players came as draft picks or trades for prospects during the lean years.

Lets look at the Penguins:
Crosby, Malkin, Flurey, Staal, Letang—correct me if I am wrong—all drafted

Why are the Capitals so strong? because of their free agents?

It starts with drafting. From there, it get supplements with good trades. The last piece of the puzzle—the last—is to add 2-3 free agent pieces to put you over the top.

We have a difference in how you build a team. My method is tried and true. It is the Bill Torrey method. Your method seems to be the Mike Milbury method.

Lets agree to disagree....

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