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07-02-2010, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
I wonder what Garth's record on the job for 363 days of the year has as far as an impact on players choices to come here?

We got Guerin. Weight came afterwards. Guerin got shafted. Weight is sticking around, but....would anyone have him? Maybe? Hope he likes Long Island.

Players have said they like how Wang has treated them while they are here.

But players have also ran out the UFA door faster than any other team. Remember the Blake year....they left like bullets out of an AK47.

So pardon me if I'm cynical, but the regular antics of this organization are well known, the Smith firing/committee/I'm an independant back-up/it's the building (or GOP) antics are even in the thread opener's post.

If we acted more professional and hired the best GM/coach, think it'd matter?

If the standard set were set HIGH, would it matter?

Defend away this abysmal failure franchise. Our roster of kids is promising. Finishing as abysmally as we have we should congratulate ourselves on picking those early picks so well (and not doing a series of 39's). We just should look at the other 363 days as just as important. Where are the trades? Signings? What about the Isles does us justice as far as our image and ability to be an attractive team to sign with?

Pardon me if I expect better year round, not just any given draft round.

For the record, I'm happy with our prospect depth and that we have Tavares. I'd just prefer a first round exit every year over a first overall fight every year. The players have my support. The management on up have to earn it one of these decades. Snow is a director of scouting.
I definitely agree that bizarre antics by the Islanders' front office can definitely drive free agents away from Long Island. Look at the Yankees in the '80s. Steinbrenner, as much as I appreciate his business dealings, for lack of better word, went mad. Why the heck would any free agent sign here if he played for an over-reactionary owner who spied on one of his players (Winfield)? The Yankees then would miss the playoffs every year from 1982 to 1993.

However, when Steinbrenner was suspended, the door was opened for Genen Michael and he subsequently rebuilt the team. Then players such as Bernie Williams (almost traded by Steinbrenner), Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera (almost traded for Felix Fermin or David Wells) eventually became part of the Yankee roster. However, it was not just the youth that led the Yankees to their first playoff berth in over a decade. It was trading for veterans such as Paul O'Neill (gave up top prospect) and signing guys like Jimmy Key that drove the Yankees over the top. Then New York suddenly becomes the place for FAs to go and you sign the Tino Martinez's and the David Cone's of the world.

This is what the Islanders have to do to become competitive. They need to draft well and support the youth with veterans! Even giving up a prospect or two may be necessary. Bad habits and embarrassing tendencies by the organization must disappear and then the free agents will want to sign here.

Even the Yankees needed to be well-run in order for the late-90s dynasty to happen.

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