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07-02-2010, 10:07 AM
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We tied for 7th in the league last year in wins.... we had the 24th ranked PP and 28th ranked PK..... 18th in total goals, 14th in goals against.... 11th in 5-on-5......

Wilson scored 8 in 35 games - he's gotta' replace Arnie's 19 - not a stretch to assume it'll happen. We add SK and Andersson and O'reilly to a lineup replacing Smitty and the spots Wilson shared with all the kids like Santorelli and Boyd. Smitty had 9, Wilson and Scatch and Boyd and Jones etal look like they come to low 20s. Doesn't seem like we're really needing these guys to score a ton to replace roughly 30 goals which would put us back where we were last year, which while I'm not thrilled with it, was enough to get us to the 7th best win total in the league.

The problems are still the PK and PP; losing Hammer hurts the PK considerably, but hopefully Parent picks up some of that, but if we go with a lineup that scratches Smitty then we got more trouble with that.

Guys that'll be the type to "fix" a PK problem are the type I think Poile is great at finding, and they don't need to score a ton to keep us goal-neutral, so I'm hopeful there. My gripe is still - What the heck they gonna' do to fix the PP? SK has some talent, and O'reilly maybe, but that's one place where Arnie helped a lot (6g,12a). Don't think that help is out there as a FA (at least in our price range) I think that's one where Poile takes a decent asset such as a Ward and puts him with a couple prospects and we get a more talented guy back. Short of that?????? guess we hope arnie leaving gets those guys listening more to what they're trying to coach on the PP.....

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