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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
I know the facts. The Flyers had 56 points. Worst in the league. They were a team that had Simon Gagne, Peter Forsberg and a bunch of question marks.

They had two young centermen who were more hype then production. They signed Danny Briere that offseason because they didn't believe that Richards or Carter would develop into 1st line centermen.

Their wing depth at that time was Mike Knuble, RJ Umberger and Simon Gagne. And Umberger was a third liner at best that needed tons of work on skating.

They had the worst defense in the league. It was old and slow.

They had an atrocious PP and an average PK.

They had a team that lacked speed, skill and depth and was built for the pre-lockout NHL.

Holmgren came in and even before spending any of that cap space brought in younger players who could skate in Coburn and Upshall.

You can look three years later and say that these young guys developed, but part of that development was the guys that Holmgren brought in. The Jason Smith, Danny Briere, Kimmo Timonen and Chris Pronger's of the world.
Question marks means young core or can't you ****ing read in English. The only slow skater was Hatcher. Everyone else was pretty damn fast. Most fans said that Carter was 30-35 goal scorer. Most fans knew that RIchards was a great leader and excellent on D. You do not have to work hard to trade Peter ****ing Forsberg before playoffs.

Here is just an example of how ****ed up your opinion is. You said Umberger needed work on skating?

Talent Analysis
Umberger is an excellent blend of size and skill. For a big young man, he skates almost effortlessly, with a smooth, powerful stride which often leaves opposing forwards in his tracks.

Homer got Briere and Timonen as well as Hartnell? No ****, well he did have 25 million in cap space and that was my point.
Homer did not have to work hard to create a decent team because core of yourng players was already there. How can anyone argue that lol. all Homer had to do is complete a few trades which he did. Zhitnik for Coburn and Forsberg for bunch of prospect from Nashville and then let it rip and spend 25M dollars.

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