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07-02-2010, 10:45 AM
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I love how everyone's defense of Homer is that we made it to the SCF. We all know it was luck. The Flyers never would have made it if they had to face Pitt or Was. And guess what, last I checked, both these teams are still in the Flyers conference and have locked up their better talented players for some time. The Flyers will continue to be a 5-8 seed for the next couple of years until Roo and JVR want their $$. Then Homer will be forced to let them go because of all these high priced contracts he is paying. On top of that, these big contracts are preventing the Flyers from getting any better and the depletion of their farm system only adds to the problem. I am amazed how anyone can defend this assclown. We are not good enough to will it now and the Flyers future looks even worse. Take off the rose colored glasses and put down the punch. Homer has ran this team into a corner with no promising way out!!

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