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07-02-2010, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
BFC. You have a lot of great things you contribute to discussions at this site. That said, the above quote is full of ****.

The Nashville Predators can field a team with a $6+ million sniper next season on their budget. It requires trading Dumont (or another player at that salary range), but it can be done. Putting aside Kessel's desire to play in Toronto for a moment, David Poile got to within $500,000 or so of the asking price. You kidding me? Drop a Cal O'Reilly-like salary and sign him already! (Again, putting aside the player's desire to play in Toronto.)

Nashville has spent (and is spending) their fair share of "stupid money" too. Erat will be paid $6 million actual dollars next year, and will be paid just under that this year. How much is Semin being paid this year? $6 million.

It's not the budget that's the primary restraint for the Predators. It's David Poile's philosophy to this point- build a team that has good to great depth with no one capable of taking it to the next level. Try it year after year. What was that definition of insanity in your post? Right.

Poile came right out and said he'd rather have a 20 goal all-around player than a 40+ goal offensive savant. That's nuts. I'd get the savant and surround him with as many of those great "role" players (at more reasonable rates than the Predators have done to this point) as possible.

Poile and company do many things right, but an unwillingness to continually adapt their strategies to their restrictions is not doing it right. It goes back to that definition of insanity.

In Tennessee, they'll focus more energy on college sports.

Corporate support does not just magically appear, nor does it come just by continually knocking on their door. Corporations lend their support to sports entities due to the likely advertising they get, or ability to provide perks to clients, etc. All that either requires someone to actually see the advertising or the desire of a client to want to see the Predators.

A good way to kill both the casual fan and the corporate support is to gut the team (or appear to gut the team). For reference, see your Florida Marlins.

101st, you're correct that paid attendance has increased since the new ownership took over. Of course, that's just throwing out statistics while ignoring the context of the situation. Prior to the end of the post-season, the perception (and reality) was that the Predators were continually building their roster- mainly around a couple of young superstars on defense.

Since then, the perception is that the Predators are dumping salary to go cheaper (while no one has established whether the team actually lost money yet). The perception is that they are going to be in decline next season- driving down the buzz (likely true if the roster remains as-is). The Predators are also on the cusp of having to re-sign those two superstars. We've all been around enough to know that a professional athlete (in general) wants to compete and win. At current course, do you see a reason for Weber or Suter to stay in Nashville? I don't.


I'm not ready to throw Poile under a bus. There's still lots of time and players that can improve this roster and at least show an attempt at following through on his proclamations following the loss to Chicago. Frankly, I've generally liked what I've seen to this point. I just think there's still a lot of work to do.

I agree with most everyone that I really didn't want any of those players that signed contracts yesterday.

If, come training camp time, Poile has not significantly improved this roster, I'll join that chorus of dissent. It's not because I disagree with building a team on a budget, it's that I disagree with his philosophy on building a team on a budget- or more accurately his apparent lack of trying another philosophy when one proves stagnant. Keep in mind that I predicted the Predators to earn 96pts and the sixth seed going into last season (the blog is still there). This upcoming season (at this moment in time)? There are too many questions. Too much reliance on unproven forwards combined with too much change on the defense (and increased youth). Right now, I think they drop to about 10th- well out of the race by trade deadline time.

In the mean time, I certainly understand trigg's and other's consternation. They certainly have every right to be disgruntled as they've seen nothing in the past to make them feel that this team will improve.
How well has building around a goal scoring savant worked for Atlanta (Kovi), Columbus (Nash), NYR (Gaborik), Tampa (Stamkos)?

I also could have sworn that a team with Ovie, Green, Backstrom, Knuble, and Semin got bounced in the first round last season ... the same as us ... four forwards with 29 goals or more ... one and done.

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