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10-01-2003, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
yeah but my "mistake" didnt put my best friend in the hospital or break any laws.

but you know what the hell why? i mean we're just gonna make an excuse right? i mean a kid is only sitting in a hospital in a coma and excuses are only being given to the man who did.

accountability? nah, you call someone on something dangerous and they get angry.

nobody wants to be preached to......because its one less excuse they can use if they want to be stupid. "oh no one told me" "i didnt think about it" "i was just curious"

people always escape responsibility. right away "oh well lets focus on the victim".

yes i feel bad for the victim, it's a shame, but in an effort to prevent more victims you look at the cause, you dont make excuses for it.
Preach on me man, i've got a date, adios.

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