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10-01-2003, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Peter
Some possible moves coming from how the protected lists look:

1) Calgary protecting Trefilov may mean that the Flames will be looking to nab a goalie in the waiver draft who is better than McLennan. Shields, Hnlinka and Boucher seem to be good choices.

2) Florida leaving both Novoseltsev and Trnka available while protecting lesser names Kelman and MacDonald may mean Florida is looking to add a d-man or forward from the waiver list. Traverse, Therien and Harvey are all Keenan type players who they may decide to pick up.

3) Boston protecting Thomas over Shiels, IMO, could mean that Boston has a trade worked out with Detroit for Cujo.

4) Wonder what Florida has up there sleeve. They left Therien unprotected but protected Slaney.

5) Guys like Keefe, Willis, Bouck and Tselios may be selected as well.

6) Class act by Atlanta Thrashers keeping Dan Snyder on their protected list.
1. Seems plausible. Although Boucher/Shields's price tag might be a bit high for a backup. I'd expect somebody like Nashville or perhaps Boston (Boucher's from the Northeast) to take Boucher if anybody does.

2. Harvey to Florida sounds like something that could work. Problem is that Harvey is due 1.3 mil this year, which is pricy for a 3rd liner especially for a low salary team like the Panthers.

Dudley seems to love his old prospects. He acquired Mathieu Biron at the waiver draft last year, signed Kristian Kudroc as a free agent this summer. One guy Tampa left unprotected was Dmitry Afanasenkov who Dudley was really high on a couple years ago.

3. Thomas over Shields is probably a financial decision. Wouldn't assume it has anything to do with Cujo.

4. I assume you mean Philly. Again, a financial decision. I think Clarke is just making room for Pitkanen, Woywitka, Seidenberg, and Vandermeer. Therien made 2.6 million last year. Maybe the Kings pick him up?

5. I'd be surprised to see Tselios taken. I'm not sure he's top 7 material on any team right now. All those guys are bubble guys, and I'm not sure which teams could guarentee them NHL roster spots.

6. Very classy, hopefully Snyder is able to live a normal life eventually.

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