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07-02-2010, 12:31 PM
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When I asked here earlier what he was worth, the number that came up consistently was $4.25M. Given that he was offered more by other teams, is it really that big a deal to spend $250,000 more than was his perceived value? Since he could have gotten more money from a few other teams (likely around $5 million as many on this forum predicted he'd get), we by definition got him at less than market value.

Second, as has been correctly pointed out, he's a solid #3 defenseman with the potential to push for #2 time, eats up minutes and is mobile and durable. EXACTLY what we were looking for, so he meets our needs to a T.

It's true we don't have the #1 defenseman that you guys have 2 of , but we do have arguably one of the deepest defenses in the league, so not as top heavy, but ridiculously deep:

Bieksa (he'll be dumped, and we can likely get some nice assets in return)
O'Brien (RFA, we've qualified, not sure what to do with him)
Mitchell (UFA, we're not likely to keep him, but he's stated publicly he wants to stay)

And our GM like yours has been trolling Europe, colleges and the minors, signing up project UFA's to stock up our pipeline.

I'm not too upset, and we can deal with not having the #1 defenseman by having 5 x #2 defensemen, plus the Hart Trophy winner (he comes with a Twin!), a two-time running Selke nominee in Kesler, a plethora of twenty/thirty goal scorers with both the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Raymond and Samuelsson reliable for those numbers (with some promising offensive prospects like Schroeder and Hodgson knocking on the door), a stronger third-line with Malholtra, and of course Luongo, backed up by a goalie many have stated has been the best outside of the NHL in Cory Schneider.

And the Aquilini family has been shown to be willing to bury millions of dollars in the minors so that we can hide them from the cap and pull them up come playoff time, so I'm having a good week.

Hamhuis was the perfect fit for our needs, and given what other teams were willing to pay him, I'm grateful we got him for ONLY $4.5 million, in today's UFA market, that doesn't buy you much.

My point is, we're not counting on Hamhuis to carry us to the Cup, we're hoping he holds his own against solid opposition, and he proved that in spades with you guys.

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