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07-02-2010, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
... teams cycle the puck, and the forwards rotate. Wings end up behind the net and in the slot... just as much as centers.

Buffalo's magic ain't happening here, lets give up the ghost on that front. That Danny Briere is never walking into our locker room and out onto the ice. The way officials are calling the game has changed considerably since then (defenses are getting away with a lot more now, and have adjusted to playing under the harsher rules as well); and Briere is a few years older and further removed from his prime offensive years.

In '07-'08 he was a center pretty much the entire year, too.

How can I question him being a center? Because Danny Briere is not going to score 100 pts for us (yes, that was the pace he was on during the playoffs). He's a defensive disaster at center, which drags down everyone around him on that side of the puck. So, he's proven to be just as effective offensively on the wing... and that removes his defensive problems considerably.

This past year his point production fall was entirely because he got less from the PP than he has previously. That's it. You want to know why his production jumped during the playoffs? It was in part just cuz that line got smoking hot at even strength, but also: 4-6-10 on the PP in 23 games (extends out to 35.6 pts over 82 games -- twice his PP production of this past year).

Briere is an effective offensive player at center, but he's also an effective offensive player on the wing. However, the added benefit of Briere on the wing is that your team isn't hurt by his defensive letdowns.

First season as a center (72 pts): net +15
Last year as a RW (53 pts): net +15

If he'd matched his PP production of the first season he would have been a net +35.
thanks, coach. there's a considerable difference in the fact that all teams cycle the puck and where players do the best in the offensive zone. i've played hockey for almost 20 years, i know how a cycle works. What i'm saying is that Briere's natural ability lies at center. period. this fact is why Briere has never really worked when put on Jeff Carters wing. Because Jeff Carter is a a lurking center, he circles the high slot and the top of the circles and waits for the pass from the corners because he's a shooting, scoring center. Briere's game works better when he has players crashing the net for him and feeding him the puck below the goal line. He's not strong on the puck at all, which is why he's not going to be able to win those battles in the corners and get the puck out to the high slot for carter to blast in.

i agree that Briere's defensive woes make him a liability in that aspect, and that he's better suited to the wing in the sense that his defensive responsibilities go way down, but who's line do you put him on as a RW? Do you really want to break up the chemistry the Hartnell-Briere-Leino line has?

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