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07-02-2010, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
"Rangers hockey - hey, it could be worse!"
Touche, Edge. And your other point, "the more things change....:

Hey, Christensen is not completely useless, he exists. Wow. I have always known that Smith sold his soul and the next 50+ years of the Rangers existence to the Big Bad, but now this confirms it.

Seriously, that we have sunk so low that people are making defenses of a waiver pickup who has never, ever amounted to anything, being Gaborik's center is ludicrous. Christense barely produced anything when not playing with Gaborik. What if does not produce with Gaborik now? Keep in mind that by "produce" we are talking someone who could MAYBE score 45 points in a season. Now what? Another Sather mistake to Hartford? And this trash-heap pickup was given a two-year deal?

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