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10-01-2003, 01:55 PM
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The problem is that in TN hockey was only televised when espn televised it. No one in TN had really heard of hockey until the Predators moved here. It takes time to build a fanbase especially when the team is an expansion team that starts completely from scratch. Popularity is growing each year. Where I used to have no friends that liked hockey, I now have several due to me being a fan, and due to there going to games. Everyone I have talked to has LOVED attending the game. In fact, they prefered it to the NFL games. However, most do not understand what is going on , lately though, it is beginning to change. For example, last year quite a few games torwards the end of the season were sold out, whereas before there was always plenty of available tickets. I guess my point is, that hockey is growing on Tennesseans. This isn't canada where kids are born with a helmet on and a hockeystick in hand, its tennessee where kids are given a bible and a football. I think our management has done an excellent job of adapting to this environment and are increasing the fanbase year-by-year.

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