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07-03-2010, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Erika Trunitsyn View Post
guess what, yes Ellis was looking for a #1 spot after all, which he got by signing with Tampa Bay. You owe me some apologies, sir

Let's just say that there are more prima-donnas in this world than you think

The Sergei trade is looking worst now.

Let's watch Dustin Boyd signing somewhere else now...
Eliis has repeatedly said, even after signing in Tampa Bay, that he is not looking for a guaranteed number one role. He said being number one is not important, that he can work with and support another good goaltender, and I believe him. Even if he were tempted not too, his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would inspire him to the right path of cooperation and humility.

What Ellis did NOT expect was an intransigent position of a one-year offer at $1M and awkward silence in response to his question regarding whether he could at least count on playing a certain percentage of the time and not have his ass stapled to the bench all season. This latter question came up especially in view of the weakness of both the salary and term offers the Habs made him.

I think the Canadiens made a mistake in skimping a few hundred thousand dollars on the second goaltender spot in the lineup. Ellis is far more capable of playing a stretch of games, it would seem, than Auld, in case Price gets injured or has a temporary lull in performance.

It's one thing to have confidence in your home security system. It's another to sign up with a weak insurance company when you are talking about protecting the family's assets, just because you want to save a small amount of premiums, relative to the stakes.

Having said all that, I am ok with the Sergei trade, and happy that Dustin Boyd signed with us. His speed and character should be a great fit with us, and he is still only 23 years old!

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