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07-03-2010, 05:48 AM
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Probably, I think they'd be a powerhouse- but I bet you there'd be a lot of controversy over picks. The team might favor Czech picks if their GM is biased/not so great as iirc Slovakia was sort of the "lesser" partner in the federation*- and as we saw this year there are tons of really great Slovak players. However, I think with a talented GM, they could totally compete with Canada and Russia on the World Stage- Slovakia was one-inch away from doing more than that in February.

However on a side note, a Czechoslovak hockey league would be good for both countries at the top level I think .

* I put it in quotations to verify, I'm speaking terms of power not in terms of rights, importance of the Czech or Slovak languages, intelligence, etc. From what I've read, Czech was spoken on TV throughout Slovakia up until the mid-to-late 80 and independence, and the capital was in Prague, etc. etc.

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