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07-03-2010, 09:15 AM
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I had an itch, more a thought that had no substance, no texture and I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I KNEW that this roster is not done. I KNEW but the fact is there was so many players fighting for roster spots. So many rumors of salary contraction. So many permutations that make sense but not quite enough talent. So, I decided to go for a walk and bring my laptop with me to farm a wifi. I park in front of the public library where I was going to walk and I see the Lombardi signing. Well that itch was scratched. Pure and simple, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot. No, Zulu, Omega, Micheal, Gamma.

The center is stacked; Wilson, Legwand, Lombardi, O'Reilly, Smithson, Spaling, Goc. Wings of opportunity; Sully, Erat, Dumont, Kostitsyn, Ward, Andersson, Hornqvist, Tootoo, Belak. Prospects; Halischuk, Santorelli and Santorelli the second, Geoffrion, Klasen, Thuresson.

I have been going nuts, absolutely nuts trying to figure out this roster and depth chart. Which really should be a futile effort when you are talking about the Barry Trotz roster slot machine. The Lombardi signing actually solidifies things. So let's start the exercise, let's build from the middle out.

Center one: Wilson (I still think he's the pick at the #1 line but Lombardi could push him)
Center two: Lombardi (He will be pushed by Legwand but Lombardi will be a better fit for #2 BUT there may be a 101st permutation to this.)
Center three: Legwand or O'Reilly or Goc
Center four: Goc or Smithson

There are some many permutations and manipulations which can happen. I think this puts a big Trade target on O'Reilly and Dumont. I think Goc is in play. I think Smithson is in play if Spaling is ready. Andersson and Kostitsyn REALLY better bring their A-game because they BOTH could be on the American West shuttle to the Land of Harleys and Beer. Legwand could be shifted to wing and pair with Lombardi to create a speed kills line. Yes, this team has a look of 3 #2 scoring lines......or what is scary for the NHL, 2 YOUNG #1's and a #2 line with an energy line. If Poile hits with Andersson or Kostitsyn, Jebus.

Defense could use a vet defenseman. And of course both Laakso and Sulzer are trade bait. If Nashville can get an under million defenseman, that works. I expect a 5-6 defenseman but if Poile pulls another rabbit out of his hat and gets a 3-4 dman, we are not talking about a team that is hurting, we are talking about a team that is BETTER than last year's team which pushed the Hawks.

Weber-Suter (25-30 minutes a game)
Klein-Boullion (20 minutes a game)
Franson-Parent (10-15 minutes a game. PP and PK specialists)

The new itch in my mind is the idea of 101st speed line. Andersson's rep is big and fast, just like Legwand, just like Lombardi.

Now that I think I'm gonna say it, Sully is in play if Kostitsyn hits, too. He's on the last year of his contract and if Kostitsyn hits that's a 20 goal scorer. Of course Kostitsyn might just say, "I'm going to Europe" and that opens a BIG roster spot in the lineup and Nashville get's another guy playing in Europa with their rights written all over it.

I'm going to TRY to build a team with what the Preds have now:

Legwand-Lombardi-Erat (Too tempting not to try)
Andersson/Kostitsyn-O'Reilly-Dumont (Who honestly knows?)

Yeah someone is going. Tootoo will not be going to sit in the press box. Now the question is WHAT are the players traded for? Could O'Reilly be traded for a vet backup goalie? How many picks can the Preds score for their players? They have a metric **** ton of 2nd rounders how many 1st can they score? How about a cheap vet defenseman on a trade? If anything, picks are the only major need because if Nashville trades a player for player they still have the depth issues. I think if Dumont is traded Legwand shifts to wing. If O'Reilly is traded Legwand shifts to center. Training camp could be phenominal The Preds take the winners and the losers traded off for picks and little tweeks to the roster. So many possiblities. So many chances for opportunity.

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