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07-03-2010, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
He didn't score 40 points last year. He scored 40 points once. So you can't say he scores 40 points per year. It was once, and you don't know that he will again. He had an increased role from the year prior and he didn't match the year prior's production.

And yes, I know he's all energy and he's liked. That doesn't justify paying him like he's a top six forward, because he isn't one.

Same reason Shelley didn't deserve it. Same reason Colton Orr didn't deserve it. Same reason Ortmeyer didn't deserve it. Same reason Sjostrom didn't deserve it... Because you DO NOT pay 3rd and 4th line players top six money.
Two full seasons: 40 and 37 points. I put ~40 point player. He is according to that statement which justifies an estimate.

Secondly, ~2.5-3M is not a top-six player contract. And, Callahan IS a top six player on our team. Increased role and delivered. Arguably played better than last year despite a 3 point reduction. Gained much leadership, much experience, and played a huge role in every one of our games.

Shelley, Orr, Ortmeyer, Sjostrom are all different stories and I'm not sure why you're bringing them up. Shelley didn't deserve $1.1 but Boogard deserved $1.7? For more years? How do you justify that? And that's a different story altogether - and none of these guys were being offered anywhere near top six money. So I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Bottom line is: Callahan will get the 200k-$1M raise long term. It will happen. So get over it.

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