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07-03-2010, 11:04 AM
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What teams like Frankfurt and Kassel need to do is to recruit quality players who will play for a reasonable salary and not players who expect too much just because they have played a few NHL games. There is usually a good reason why players only played a few NHL games. They had weaknesses or weren't as good as their hype.

It always amazes me to see players make it to the NHL just because they were big or could fight or played for weak NHL team organizations or teams that had a lot of injuries and then get rewarded further by getting top paying contracts in Europe.

There are many players playing in the AHL, ECHL and CHL that are far more skilled than many players that make it to the NHL. These players are the ones who would play in Germany for a reasaonable salary and help teams win. That's another reason why teams need to pay scouts in other countries or have staff that travel and recruit. They will pay for themselves by finding quality players that would play for less salary and make your teams more competitive.

Paying players over 100k just because they were fortunate and played a few games in the NHL doesn't make financial sense. If teams can afford it, fine but if they can't they need to find ways to remain competitive without having to pay out more than they bring in.

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