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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
I'm going on record here. I don't want Poile to sign SK.

He has had issues with every team he has been on in NA. Read the Montreal boards. I don't want us spending our precious cash on a well known problem child. We did Montreal a favor by taking him off their hands. So they owe us one, okay. He is not worth the headache. Nashville as a city will not interest him at all. He will be bored and unhappy because no one will recognize him. We don't have anyone on the team who speaks Russian as far as I know. He will not accept anything less than 1st line minutes and will pout when he doesn't get them. Let him go to the KHL, be a god there and leave our team in peace.
no offense, but you have no idea what you're talking about, and you are crazy if you think that Kost's history isn't a consideration for Poile and Trotz. Both have reportedly already spoken to him to let him know what's expected to him and gauge his expectations...and all involved are positive that it's going to be a good fit.

It's easy to read the rantings of a bunch of bitter Montreal fans that can only see one side...but just as many think that SK got a raw deal with the Habs. For whatever reason, Martin refused to give him a chance, sticking him on lower lines\PK duty despite the fact that he produced every time he was given a chance on a scoring line. It wasn't a matter of him stinking it up and not taking a demotion he was a case of a rift between the player and the coach and having something that should have been handled privately dragged into the media.

Like him or not, SK likely has more skill than anyone not named Erat or Sullivan in the entire lineup...and we're not in a position to turn our noses up. If he doesn't work out...fine, he goes to the KHL, no harm done. If he does...we just got an exciting player with a ton of upside for nothing.


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