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10-01-2003, 03:28 PM
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this is BS, I see Julien as the next Coach 2 come out of montreal and do something (the last being Jacques Lemaires) I don't want 2 see that happen again, I say Julien should be given as much oppurtunity 2 grow with the team as Jacques Martin was given itz not like Julien isn't as good, he just needs a year or two just like the Kidz do, the Kidz will better develop under someone they KNOW and trust and will listen 2, 3/4 of the kidz played under Julien in the AHL and played well they would learn alot from them, Julien and these kidz can only get better, I see Julien as a Jacques Martin (with more voice) he knows how 2 handle his players, I don't like Jarvis, don't want him Julien is the man he is the one who can help us win he's proved it at EVERY LEVEL of coaching, now he only has 2 prove it in the nhl.