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03-30-2005, 07:41 PM
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The last time I played.

I'm bad. As in, really, really bad. First my knees are snapped so I can't skate but even if I had bionic knees I'd still be bad.

So I was at defense, at the point on the PP. Yeah, wtf am I doing on the ice during a pp? But that's besides the point.

So a guy on the wing passes the puck to me from the circles. I want to one-time it at the net, but since the pass goes behind me the only way I can catch it is with my backhand (since I'm not fast enough to skate towards where the puck is going and catch it with my forehand).

So I decide to one-time the puck at the net anyway, but a backhanded one-timer. I raise my stick... swiiiiiiiiif .... I almost touched the puck, then fell on my ass.

Imagine, a guy who can't shoot the puck five feet ahead tries to backhand-one-time it at the net FROM THE BLUE LINE.

Some guy from the other team then took the puck and went on a breakaway.

After that, I just walked straight out of the rink. I knew hockey was over for me

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