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07-03-2010, 11:40 PM
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Empty feelings...Stick Questions

Firstly I would like to give a bit of background before diving into questions.

Bought a pro return One95 off of Ebay a year ago. Previously used a 110 flex Heatley patterned se16. What a waste of ~$200. Utter crap. Good feel.

This bauer was a PM9 and a 102 flex. It survived a year that included 4 months of ice for about 8-10 hours a week. It was in tune with my emotions. I had fallen in love.

It met its demise this past Friday in a Brad Boyes kind of way....closing in on the hashmarks and one timing a crisp pass. We've all been there. Broke between the e and the m of "supreme". Shaft is trashed.

Emptiness set in, and then reality followed suit as my summer finances have not been bolstered by "steady income". (It's summer, I'm still in college. ). Want to "get by" with around $100. When I get some more money I'll pick up another ringer.

1. What should I get to hold me over? x:40 or S11 or ?

2. Has anyone ever reused the blade from a one piece and stuck it in a different shaft? I'm having separation anxiety and total hockey has 2 One95 shafts left...

3. Should I go down in flex to an 87? I'm 5"9, 200, and I have a pretty decent shot. ALWAYS room for improvement, and I basically went from intermediate flex to 110. I've been playing for years but it never hurts to experiment.

/rant. Thanks for your responses.

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