Thread: Rumor: Ilya Kovalchuk offer
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07-04-2010, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by turkinaa View Post
It all comes down to if Gags gets traded becayse regardless of how much we free up by trading Gags, Kovy wants more than that. Kovy's only options are going to be (1) taking less to play on a team that is trying to win now, (2) getting as much money as he can by signing with a team who has tons of space but isn't ready to try for a Cup (like the Islanders), or (3) going over the KHL. He's a very good regular season player, but he hasn't produced in the playoffs and just by putting him on a good team it doesn't mean he'll be happy/productive and the entire team won't suffer. Even if he's willing to get paid 5 mil a season, the Flyers still won't have enough cap space to sign everyone else or find a goalie.

If the purpose to trade a player like Gagne is to get cap space for a goalie/general cap relief, it makes sense. If the purpose is to sign a player like Ryan, it makes sense even if we find ourselves trying to cut more space (plus supports what Homer has been saying about Leighton being "our guy"). If the purpose is to sign a player like Kovy, it makes no sense because it just puts us in a worse spot than before unless the cap hit is very similar and we can still get under cap/make the signings or trades we need to make.

So no matter how nice it would be ideally to get Kovy and have a happy productive team, it just doesn't make sense - so watch for it to happen.
No, it still doesnt make sense to trade Gagne. They didnt need to trade him for cap space to sign a goalie.

Leighton = $1.5
Shelley = $1.1

That alone would have gotten Ellis or Mason.

If you want Turco or Nabokov (god i hope not), there was no need to trade for Meszaros, or now that you have, you move Carle for cap space. We had the best top 4 in the playoffs last year, there was no need to change that. Meszaros is an upgrade over Carle so that would make us even better. There is too much money tied up in the defense now.

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