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10-01-2003, 02:44 PM
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Thoughts on Isles choices...

Derek Bekar, F; Martin Chabada, F; Mariusz Czerkawski, F; Jeff Hamilton, F; Ryan Kraft, F; Alan Letang, D; Eric Manlow, F; Alain Nasreddine, D; Brandon Smith, D; Mattias Timander, D; Dieter Kochan, G.

Butenschon was an unrestricted free agent last year and Florida signed him and sent him to the Isles for Kolnik.(was sent down by Florida) Korolev left in the first week of the Tigers season and considering how the Isles used him at the end of 2001-02 and did not include him with the Tigers playoff roster, I'm surprised he was protected when it means exposing others here they may need.
Bekar-Is new to the organization do not see him being taken when he could have been signed during the summer by anyone.

Chabada-Is a surprise but if he cannot make the Isles and if his coach from last season does not think he can play at this level, is it worth keeping him in Bgpt or giving him perhaps a better chance elsewhere for someone who has come over to North America?

Czerkawski-Maybe Isles think no one would claim him after being on waivers last year, still to list him means they are willing to move on without him and really says Milbury wasted a million dollars that could have been spent better elsewhere or trimmed from a high payroll already. IMHO your owner approves a million dollars for a player you make it count. You like Czerkawski offer a tryout contract if he wants to come back, but for this franchise a million dollars is a lot of money.

Hamilton-Another shocker to me, he had a very good season last year and maybe just a depth player but may have been a good fit for a game or two on the Isles next year.

Kraft-See Bekar
Nasreddine-Someone has to be listed.

Alan Letang, Eric Manlow, Brandon Smith-All players handed two year deals by MM and now the organization would prefer someone take them asking why give them two years too begin with?

Timmander-Enough said. He should be the player to go, would be a good fit for Boston or a team needing a stay at home defender.

Kochan-Is the projected starter for Bridgeport unless he has been outplayed based on two preseason games for Bgpt that I think Dubie and Stirling started. If the Isles can upgrade with Scott Clemmensen they should do it without second thought.

In the end we'll see. One or two players could go or as happens many times no one could be claimed and the waiver draft could end quietly.

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