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07-04-2010, 08:19 AM
Pierre Gotye
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Sticks are a hard thing to judge when you can't try them out on the ice.

You can always try the ebay or craigslist method to sell it. Or post a flyer at your local rink saying you'll let it go for cheap, half price or something.

Different stick companies rate stick flexes different. This is a real gray area. I noticed that the thing that effects sticks differently is where the kick point is. That determines a lot as far as shaft rigidity/flex/stiffness goes. One manufacturer might make an 85 flex, and then you pick up another stick of similar feel and it might be a 95 flex instead.

There are lots of sticks you can choose from I have heard X:40 and S11 are decent, although I have never used them.

Remember sticks are like anything though...which cellphone is the best...what car is the's all a matter of opinion. Everyone has an opinion on what's better.

Opinions are like noses they all run when disturbed and always need to be blown and wiped away.

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