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07-04-2010, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
Who was the enforcer on the Hawks? How about the Flyers? How about the Red Wings and Penguins?

Enforcers are dead.
Goddard. Hawks went the flyers route without a real heavy. They did sign john Scott a few days ago. Wings always had one excpet the last few years. Enforcers may be dead in your opinion not mine. The Flyers will 99% of the time have one. They will place having one above having a better player. They revel in their reputation and will not let it die, ever. Accept it. The Rangers obviously overpaid but you know what they got the best in the business though. For an extra 500k i would have rather had Boogard. Shelley is the better player but what does that mena when comparing 2 goons? Shelley is 34 that is a problem to me. They obviosuly wanted a heavy then why not give Laroque a league min contract? I would think if he has any pride he would come back and try to establish himself as a top fighter again. Better player than Shelley as well. Rather take that risk than 3 years of Shelley

Just like they will never get a goalie. They will always have a fighter or so called fighter.

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