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07-04-2010, 10:44 PM
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Bauer Skate Question

I currently have the One70 (old model with the translucent holders). I have had them for about a year now and am still up in the air if I like them or not. I have the opportunity to buy a new pair of Vapor XXXX online for $200. They won't be in stock forever and am debating on whether or not I should purchase them.

I'm up in the air because I'm not sure if I feel confident buying skates online (I have always liked to try them on before I purchase them). I feel that with my narrow foot the only skates that will ever work for me are Bauers, so I'm pretty sure that they will fit like the other Bauer skates I have worn over the years.

Also, for someone who used to have the XXXX, how do these skates compare to the newer models that Bauer has put out?


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