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Originally Posted by FASTHANDS View Post
Certainly not in this era, and maybe any era. No one may ever get 50 in 42 for that matter.

When Gretzky scored 50 goals in 42 games in the 1983-84 season, he was dissapointed. He stated rather bluntly that 50 in 42 is not 50 in 39. Shows what kind of competitor he was,
But Wayne got better that year as it went (equalling his 61 goals in 50 games record), and was actually on pace to beat his 92 goals on the season if he hadn't missed those 6 games with the shoulder injury. I doubt he would have been disappointed with his performance that year had he beaten 92.

That's what's strange about Wayne's records though - it wasn't like he just had that one magic year when everything went right, like we've seen from others. For Gretzky, it was just endless consistancy. If he hadn't had 215, he'd still have the record with 212. If not that, then 208. If not that, 205. He's number 1 with 92 goals, but also number 2 with 87. He's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th in assists... and then 8th as well, tied with Lemieux.

When you look at most other stars, they usually had that 1 year they were just on fire and made it all happen. That isn't to say they weren't great other seasons as well, but there was usually 1 season everyone can point at and say "that was their absolute best - that was him at his greatest." But for Gretzky, it was just every year during his prime. What was his best year? 50 in 39, 212 points, 92 goals? Or does 163 assists and 215 points beat that? What about 205 points including 87 goals but in only 74 games, including records for the highest GPG and PPG of any season ever? His list of accomplishments, both single season and career, are just so staggering sometimes that when you sit down and really look at them, its just overwhelming.

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