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07-05-2010, 07:41 AM
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I completely understand that having much bigger legs is going to hinder me in hockey as opposed to help me. Bodybuilding has that effect on most sports since it's quite 'anti-sports training' by its very nature.

Since I stopped playing competitive hockey, bodybuilding filled that void in my life in regards to what kept me active and exercised so to say it's consumed me would be quite the understatement. With that, I'm not exactly interested in sacrificing my leg size just for the sake of becoming a speed demon again for a pickup league. If I were playing competitive it might be another story.

I can skate, power walk, or light jog for a long, long time. When I start w/the sprints, that's when I feel it. And it stands to reason, given that they're built on fast-twitch muscle fibers now as someone stated earlier. Such an instance is absolutely not conducive to explosive skating

One thing that is good, is that I can hang w/most guys on the rink going at full steam while I'm dragging ass and coasting. It goes to show what I had in the tank back when I was a kid/teen playing competitively when I didn't lift a single weight and was just naturally fast. But I'm not used to just hanging w/them at all. I've always been able to smoke most anyone at the drop of a puck.

I had Malkinesque chicken legs that everyone liked to joke about, but they were built to go go go. I was friends w/speed skaters at my old home rink, and we used to race a lot for fun. Only one guy on the whole team would always beat me, and only one other ever beat me even once. I really was fast. But I was tiny and light, now I'm neither. If I were still that light I have no doubt that I could still burn it up, but that's a lot of weight to all of a sudden put on each leg as I try to skate explosively. To get an idea I'd recommend putting on a 70lb. training vest the next time you skate and see how different it feels, and that's not even taking into consideration the 10-year layoff of even playing hockey at all.

I don't need to get back to that level, but I don't want to always be coasting either. Some sort of balance between BB & hockey would be ideal, and that's what I'll aim for. I realize they're counterproductive to each other. As I said we skate for 2-3 hours one day a week, and after the first hour I know I at least am really digging to continue to play hard. I see those extra hours as paying my dues and don't let up on myself as much as I can get away with it. That along w/the sprint intervals off the rink should do me well in due time.

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