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07-05-2010, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by shoeshine boy View Post
have you ever had a pair of Bauer Vapor skates? imo they are a completely different feel than the Supreme line.
I had the opposite situation from you. I've skated on Bauer Vapor 8 for almost 10 years. during a sale I bought a pair of Supreme 70's and never could get used to them. ended up selling them for close to what I paid but still. ended up getting a pair of Vapor XXXX's on massive sale and those feel much better. unless you know that you'll like the feel and pitch of the Vapors or you think you can get most of your money back I'd stick with the Supremes.
That's an interesting thought; I didn't think that the two lines would be completely different. In your opinion, what are the major differences between the Vapor and Supreme lines?

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