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03-31-2005, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Albi
mmmhmm, difficult question jt. And honestly I'm afraid to answer you...

BTW, something like this...




Then I would have called up Lehoux after his first terrific 10 games in the AHL to give him a chance. I know Cammy still has a lot to prove at NHL level, you're right. But there was also a guy named Sidney Crosby joining the show...I mean, if there was a season to bomb, it was this one. Are we a better team with Conroy? Yes. Are we goona make the playoff with Conroy? I'm not so sure. This said, I know he'll help the kids develop, I have no doubt about it.
Fair enough...on both counts. I know we're knew to each other but don't get scared off by people who (think they?) know me. I go on and on but people can stop whenever they want and I hold no grudges...well, unless they can't be civil. I just like to explore an issue to death (and then some?) until I understand every last thing. That's fair........right...?

Anyway, I just get scared as hell putting a 22 yr old rookie in as the #1 center and expecting him to learn the game...learn what it takes to be an NHLer...and learn how to be a true pro that the Kings are proud to have on and off the ice. I think all those things are important and, while I hate to sound like I'm picking on Cammy (which I'm not because the same rules should apply to every kid), last year he just didn't show he knew ANY of those things or had any interest in learning them. And he was this way in college too from what I've been told by someone who was in school (and certain classes) with him...and from what I read about him up to and after the draft. Obviously that's not everything and my friend may even be off base. Also, he certainly can change (we all have from when we were 20 yrs old). But my thing is that I need to see that change before I install him in the top 6. I need to see that he'll do what the coach tells him this time and work hard every game. He simply didn't do that in 03-04 and for that reason I wouldn't have put him in the top 6...and I believe that's a big reason they signed Conroy. That along with the fact that he's small (~5' 7 1/2" according to my friend) which makes him less a candidate for center and more likely to play wing.

The weird thing in this is that if you switched Straka and Cammy I'd be ok with that because I feel very differently about putting in a basically unproven rookie at #1 RW before he's earned his ice time than I do about making him the #1 C...I see ALOT less pressure (and responsibility) at wing than center.

But IMO, it's really the last thing you said that is far and away the #1 reason I like the Conroy signing. I think he makes everyone around him better...better players, better teammates, better at everything. For me, Conroy epitomizes what you want your hockey players to be...just like Klatt does. You can't win with a team FULL of Conroys and Klatts since you need at least a couple dynamic players like Frolov (and Cammy?), but you also can't win with not enough players like Conroy and Klatt. Dave Taylor has remade the LA Kings into his image: VERY hard working, VERY good teammates, VERY good team players. I love this and IMO Cammy hasn't quite learned what it takes to be an LA least not as of the end of last year. I really really hope he has now and the season he's has in the AHL this year may be that springboard.

The difference between me and some other fans is that I want more than talent on the team. It's easy to assemble a bunch of's hard to assemble a team and until/unless Cammy's learned to part of the team, he needs to stay in Manchester.

FWIW, our lineups are almost identical...I'm fine with Conroy over Cammy until/unless Cammy earns his ice time and then he can take Army's spot. The only other change is that I'd probably have Pirnes in there instead of Barney...but that's all about whether Barney is capable of playing with his broken-down body. If he can play...Pirnes sits. Same with defense...personally I'd scratch Corvo like you did, but I know the Kings won't because they really really like him. But I'm sure Gleason, Quintal, Dempsey and Corvo would have just rotated in and out of the lineup.

Lastly, while I agree that the upside of stinking is a shot at Crosby, if I were GM I wouldn't consider that when deciding whether to sign Conroy. At this time in Kings history, the #1 consideration is what is the best way to develop the kids...the #2 consideration is how do we keep the fans coming so PA doesn't slash my budget.

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