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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Once you file for arbitration,that is essentially a contract. A third party will determine the salary if the player and team can not agree on a new contract.
I think we're saying the same thing. Once you file for arbitration two things happen (or can happen). One, the arbitrator begins their work on determining what is a fair contract. Two, the employee and management can continue to negotiate themselves and see if they can reach an agreement.

IF the employee and management agree on terms, then the arbitrator is sent home and doesn't file their report.

IF the employee and management don't agree on terms by a specified date then the arbitrator files their report and those become the terms of the contract (which the employer can reject).

That at least that is how arbitration works in other collective agreements I've been involved with (though I've usually been involved with 'binding arbitration' where both sides agree to accept whatever the arbitrator says is fair -- but that doesn't apply here).

Or does it work differently than that with the NHL -- presumably it will take some time for the arbitrator to determine 'fair market value' for the player...

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