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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
For a team that sells out nightly and has fans scrounging for tickets yes this would be one heck of a deal. Nashville is not the place. Fans in Tennessee are fickle, sure there are 7500 or so of us diehards but if the team does not WIN especially in the playoffs now this is not Detroit, Toronto, , Calgary or a couple other places that sell out just because. Look at the Titians last year and the number of people that showed up after there start, look at the Vol's who for the first time in years have not sold out over the past two seasons.

11 mil for Suter and Weber would equal 22% of the teams imposed salary at this point and a disaster in keeping the team here. The front office must make moves to better the team sooner rather than later or the days of 5500 people at the game will return and the team will go away.

A big payday is coming for Suter and Weber. A plan had better be in place to keep one of them, Weber would be my choice and move Suter to improve the team offensivley.

Will it happen now I doubt it, what I think will happen both Suter and Weber play out there contracts and make a HUGE payday somewhere else and the Preds lose both.
First off, if Weber wants to leave so badly and get a big pay day, why did he sign a 3 year deal that left him as a restricted free agent? He's going to get a big pay day and he's going to get it from the Preds.

If we move Suter for offense, who's going to take his place on the blue line? At best, Blum will have 2 years of experience on the blue line when Suter is a free agent. Josi may have a year under his belt. Franson will have three years under his belt and Klein under his belt. There may be a few others in Ellis and Roussel that may break thru or be entering the NHL at that point as well. We won't need offense to replace Suter, we're going to need another veteran defender to team with Weber, if, and that's a big if we trade Suter or lose him to free agency. Poile builds his teams from the goal out and he's not going to let his two marquee draft picks walk away or trade them away. So what if they comprise 22% of our payroll, they're worth it. Elite defensemen don't come along very often and to trade one or lose them via free agency is not something to take lightly and I don't think Poile does. He's structured Sullivan's and Dumont's contracts around the times that Weber and Suter's will both be up.

Do we want to be Anaheim? Have to trade one of Pronger or Niedermayer and then watch the other one retire a year later? Granted, that's not going to happen with their ages but my point is, two years ago, Anaheim had two of the premier defensemen in the league and don't have either of them now. Chicago isn't going to let Keith and Seabrook leave. Detroit will keep Lidstrom and Rafalski as long as they are willing and able to play for them. We will follow suit.

And to be honest, if we do trade one of them or let them walk via free agency, I will have a hard time singing on to be a season ticket holder much longer and that points to your earlier comments about losing fans because of salary issues and you know me, I'm a pretty staunch supporter of the team so when I say something like that, I truly mean it. I don't make a statement like that as a threat but as a reality on how I'll spend my money.

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