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10-01-2003, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Modano = God
Dude, dude.. read the thread.. it's not about who's better now. It's about the elite of the past decade, frankly, the Sens haven't proven more then my unborn child and are no way near the top 4 without at least 2 Finals appearances and a Cup locked up..

However, to reply to your quote, I feel the Sens have a better Defense (deeper IMO, I do prefer the Stars top 4 though) and a more proven netminder. Yet I prefer the Stars forward pack over anyone's in the NHL, despite that the Sens probbaly come the closest.

I agree that if you're talking about the last decade the Stars franchise beats them. But frankly, how well did the North Stars do in their first five years, and how long did it take them to make it into the upper echelon? If I'm correct, the North Stars didn't do anything until 1991 and arguably were the laughing stock of the league, except for maybe New Jersey. (Gretzky called NJ a mickey mouse organization at one point)

But if you want to talk about now....Ottawa is a superior team in every aspect. Better forwards for cheaper, a more solid defensive corps 1 through 6(plus 7 and 8).

Goalies? I give Ottawa the edge because Lalime has more regular season and playoff experience. How is Turco more proven than Lalime? He has 1 season as a starter, and a losing record in the playoffs. Not only that, but Turco is 28 and Lalime is 29. So it's not like you can argue that he's really young and an upcomer. As Ottawa fans have heard time and again it's what you do in the playoffs that count, not the regular season. So I'll take Lalime and you guys can keep Turco.

On top of that Ottawa has some excellent youth with guys like Spezza, Emery, Volchenkov, Havlat, Hossa, etc, etc. Of these, only Emery won't be on them team this year. I'll admit that I don't know as much about the Stars prospects as I do the Sens prospects, but the Sens quality youth is unrivalled in the NHL. That's because their youth is in the NHL now. As much as I can be called a homer in this case, so can you. But I'd still rather be Ottawa at this point than Dallas!

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