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07-06-2010, 03:21 AM
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And to make another point:

Look at some examples that would have/would in the future be able to stay together:

-Buffalo: two entries into the EC Final. Mass exodus from that team.

-Hawks: Stanley Cup. Had to trade away some of the key components to the Cup run.

-Atlanta: Kovalchuk.

-Florida: Bouwmeester, Luongo(Isles drafted, but Florida did the dirty work), Horton.

-Kings: once their guys develop, that team will contend, and then have to be dismantled.

-Islanders: suffer a lot. And they have a deep prospect pool. Once those guys develop, it'll be exodus and more heartache for the Islanders.

-Oilers: Hall, Eberle, MPS... Can they keep all the future SUPER stars they have coming up. Probably not.

-Rangers: Stepan, Kreider, Grachev, Staal, MDZ, Girardi, McDonagh, Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov...we are not going to be able to keep all these guys. After years and years and years of waiting for this organization to do things right, the league setting a salary cap so we can't spend on UFA every simmer...the Rangers finally do things right, and now they'll be punished for it????


The list goes on and on of teams stacked with drafted/developed/promoted players that will or have been dismantled because of the Cap system.

These teams would be healthier longer, any team can build this way and be healthy for a long time, but the league disallows longevity now.

Now, players HAVE to play musical chairs. There's no team identity now.

Building through the draft is a real viable option for small market AND large market teams to ensure long term financial health as well as being competitive longer. Building an identity. Fans connecting with their players. Forming REAL (not forced) rivalries.

I truely hate this new "hired gun" "mercenary" league. Every year, every team looks completely different. You can't get attached to ANY player anymore. The minute you start to identify with a player their pulling on another team's jersey in a press conference.

Its shameful.

There is no loyalty, no identity. Its all about the money.

Another thing... Before the Salary Cap, small market teams were kept alive party through revenue sharing? Right. And now teams are being forced to keep eachother alive through player sharing, by developing players for OTHER teams.

Let these organizations support themselves, by building a team. Building identity. Building a team fans can connect with.

Maybe these are just values that don't hold water anymore.

Its all about the holy dollar.

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