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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Still somewhat new to playing, and have a quick question. I seem to get a lot more power when using your "quick" method, and less power when doing the "powerful" method. When both feet are facing the goal, and I have all my weight on my "off" foot (left foot when shooting left) I can lean into the shot a lot more, and get more stick flex, and get a lot more zip on the shot.

When I do the powerful method and transfer from my left to the right, I don't get nearly the stick flex in the shot, and while I have more room to generate puck speed, I don't get it, when compared to the other method.
Might be you just aren't as naturally comfortable doing it that way compared to the other. I know doing the "powerful" way takes alot more from your whole body balance wise and transferring energy. Not to mention you need a little more time and to be more setup for the shot. Try to really focus on leaning into the stick with your weight and acting like its a leg almost when you are in the process of the shot.

This is a slapshot he is taking so its a bit more exaggerated but with a powerful wristshot the weight distribution is pretty much the same. When his stick was basically straight out along side of him he pretty much already had all his weight off his back foot and onto the stick/front foot.

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